Why employ an interior designer?

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on Wed 14 Nov

Clients embarking on a long awaited extension or renovation to their home often think that hiring an interior designer is an unnecessary expense. Their view is that with the aid of Pinterest and Instagram they should be able to design their homes themselves and save money in the process, this is rarely the case.

Creating your desired look at a price that fits your budget is much harder than it seems.

 All too often I am contacted by clients who have completed a beautiful new extension but are left unsure how to stamp their own style and personality on the blank canvas.

You can engage an interior designer at any time but it is always better to get them involved at the start of a build project. Working directly for you, rather than the builder, an interior designer will work with you to establish a design brief which aims to turn your dreams and visions for the space into reality. The interior designer will translate the brief into a fully worked design scheme incorporating elements such as space planning, colour scheme, soft furnishings and lighting and then work with you and the builder to ensure that this end result is always kept in mind.

An interior designer can also dramatically smooth the build process by ensuring, for example, that tricky decisions on interior finishes are made ahead of time or that new walls, pipework or sockets are positioned correctly so that a favourite piece of furniture will fit perfectly. This forward planning can help avoid costly delays and potentially save significantly over the course of the build.

So, should you bite the bullet and employ an interior designer to help you create the space of your dreams? Absolutely! Can you afford not to?


About Anna Patten

 An ex-city professional and mother of three, Anna re-trained at the National Design Academy and has a Diploma in Professional Interior Design. Anna offers simplicity and flexibility in her charging structure. Satisfaction in the end product is always paramount. For more information and an initial free consultation contact anna@annapattendesign.com


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