2 key things to consider when choosing a new kitchen

on Mon 12 Nov

Planning a new kitchen? Selecting between a wide range of design options, choosing among different styles and types of kitchens can be quite exhausting and time consuming.

 So to help we have prepared an at-a-glance action plan, outlining key points to consider when creating your perfect kitchen.

 Defining your budget

 The cost of a kitchen can vary tremendously depending on your choice of kitchen type, style, choice of appliances and materials.

 If you have a modest budget you can still achieve a lovely kitchen made from high quality materials, but you should expect to make some design compromises, as your choices might be limited to standard kitchen units and doors, fewer internal mechanisms and lower spec worktops.

 If you have a slightly bigger budget you will be able to choose from a wider range of colour/design options and made-to-fit solutions, colour coordinated units and some clever internal storage mechanisms. 

 The most luxurious kitchen option is a bespoke design. This option gives you an opportunity to really express yourself and make a personal statement, it fulfils the desire to be different and to enjoy some of the finest components available on the market. With this budget imagination is the only limit.

 Choosing your kitchen style

 The most important step in a new kitchen project is deciding what style to choose.

 Usually the age/type of your property dictates the style of the kitchen: if your house has a classic character and you want to keep the interior consistent you might consider choosing a more traditional kitchen design. A modern house is often best paired with a modern or contemporary style kitchen, while a country house would probably suite a rustic or cottage style kitchen. However the choice is yours!

 Constant innovation as well as the introduction of new design solutions in kitchen manufacturing makes the gap between modern and traditional styles very narrow, so when making a final decision it is important to follow your heart and not be afraid of unconventional solutions.

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